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At The Laser Company, we’re constantly trying to improve our services and treatments, and are always happy to receive feedback from our valued customers. No matter what option our clients choose, we will work hard to make sure that they’re completely satisfied with the results. Check out some of their testimonials and contact us to hear more about our treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

I suffer with PCOS with a side effect being then joys of extra hair! My Dr advised I tried Laser Hair Removal to help improve my confidence. Whilst I know my condition affects my hormones and therefore hair growth I have been amazed at the impact that it has had. My initial course of 10 treatments has worked wonders and I now just have the odd top up treatment to help maintain my new look.

Amy Rogers

Laser Hair Removal
I have always struggled with facial hair - top lip and chin! I would make my skin sore with the constant plucking and shaving. I had my consultation and test patch and was immediately put at ease. After 5 treatments the hair that was coming through was very fine, and by my 8th treatment I was completely hair free and my skin was left feeling so smooth. My only regret is not having this done years ago.

Becky Jarvis

Laser Hair Removal
This is addictive!
I started treatments as a Christmas gift with underarms. I was so happy with the results that I've gone on to have more treatments on my legs and bikini... and the annoying 3 hairs on my chin - the tweezers have now been thrown!
It's a great feeling knowing that I don't have to worry anymore about shaving - or the mishaps of forgetting to shave!

Elaine Edwards

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